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image retouching tutorial

Image Retouching Tutorial!

How to retouch photo, step-by-step by using the Clone Stamp Tool in Photoshop CC.
Easy photo Retouching!

A) In Photoshop's open you photo or file, you want to work for the tutorial (go to File menu in Photoshop and from the Open dialog box, select your preferred file and click Open.

B) Go to the layer palette and create a duplicate layer of the image by clicking the background layer in the "Create a new Layer" box (at the bottom of the Layer palette on the right and the second one from Right to right). Close the original background layer by clicking its visibility icon. In this way we can save the original level and work with duplicate one. See the image picture below to get a live viez

Original Image
View Original Image
Background Copy
Took Background Copy

C) Click Select the "Clone Stamp Tool (S)" from the tool box (if you do not see the tool box, go to the window menu and select "Tools") Click the right button on your mouse and a window will pop up where we have the slot tool We can move the size based on the size of the square and we are going to select 0% in this field as well. Now we're ready to start touching and cleaning the spot.

image Retouching tools

Set tools setting

D) Remember that we have to clean one place one by one. We cannot remove all of the locations by single click. To remove a spot requires some time to click one click, click some time More Click More. It depends on image quality and regulation.

retouching image background
Marked Single Spot
retouching image done
Zoomed Retouching area

So, before you go to touch any particular spot first, then press "Alt" on your keyboard and click on the fresh section of the location near the density that you think is very similar. Release the "Alt" key and click on the spot. See the image below that you have successfully moved the spot.

before retouching
Before Retouch
after retouching
After Retouch

E) Similarly,touch all the spots within the image.

One thing that I want to notice, is to perfect your tool size (a little bigger than a spot) and choose the appropriate hardness of the tool. If these things are not properly selected, your image may not be professional even after your work.

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