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Raster to Vector Image Tutorial!

Vector images can be created with vector imaging software such as Adobe Illustrator, Coral Draw and Macromedia Freehand. Here I'm going to show you how vector images use the Illustrator Pen tool from Robert, which is the most popular, professional and accurate.
Here I will show how to create a Raster to Vector Image.

A) First, select a raster image that you think will be a good example for this tutorial or just save this image on your computer. I have used the following for the tutorial and open it in your Illustrator program.

select pen tool

Select Pen Tool

B) Select "Pen Tool" from the tool box or press "P" on your keyboard to select it.

c) Go to Color Palette> Select Red Color (in this case) and select the weight of stroke between 0.25 pt - 0.50 pt.

set color settingg

set color settings

D) Click on the edge of the image and take your mouse forward, release the mouse. After a certain distance (depending on the curve), click again at the end of the image and continue the same way until you reach the district. Once you have come to the starting point, the "and" symbol will be displayed. Now click on it to close the path.

creating clipping path

Creating Clipping Path

E) Once you are done, press "Shift+X" on your keyboard or you can go to the color palette to change the stroke color to fill color.

strock color make fill color

Strock Color Make fill Color

F) When you are happy with the shape, remove the original image (raster image) and give the color you use.

Done Image

Done Image

You May Need To Presses For A Fay Drawing Way Using Pen Tool In Order To Draw In Osiris

Hopping The tutorial will help you to edit photos in Photoshop

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