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photo editing tutorial

Photo Editing Tutorial!

There are different ways to edit an image in Photoshop. I'll show you one.
Here's how to create Photoshop Photo Editing!

A) In Open the picture you want to work for today. You can go to the File menu and open it or just press "Ctrl" Maine window / "CMD" and press "O" on your keybord. See the file you want to select, once it's received, double click on it.

B) Take the drag-down layer by going to the layer palette and clicking the background layer in the "Create a new Layer" box and the layer is located at the bottom of the palette and the other hand right hand). Remove the original background layer by clicking its visibility icon. To ensure this, you need to do that the original layer is protected, if we want it again later.

photo editing tools

Take Layer 1

C) Go to Image Menu>>Adjustment>> Brightness / contrast and color balance. A dialog box appears where you can actually adjust the brightness and contrast. There should be two different boxes, one for the brightness and the other for contrast. Since this image is quite faded and needs to increase the color intensity, so first increase what you have to do. Continue growing until you get the desired color contrast. You can increase a little brightness, continue trying until you are happy.

adjust brightness contrast

Adjust Brightness & Contrast

D) Once you click the "OK" button once you are looking for the desired and you are done. I'm probably one of the few things to select some specific part of the photo and it's trying to look something better than another area. In this case, I first want to draw the path around the lip using "pen tool", click on the right button and select "Make Selection".

creating clipping path
Creating Clipping Path
make selection
Make Selection

E) Now, go to the menu again >> Adjust >> Brightness/ Contrast. increase contrast to get some good color intensity results from the lips. Then I again draw the path around the whole skin and all so go to the image menu> Adjust >> Color Balance. Increase the color to get some good color intensity results from the skin. And we are done.

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