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Image Masking Tutorial!

There are several ways to masking a photo in Photoshop. I show you something.
Easy photo masking!

A) Open a photo of Photoshop that you want to use for your masking tutorial (go to File menu in Photoshop and select the file) you want to use from the open dialog box.

B) After opening the file in Photoshop, select "Magic Wand Tool (W)" from the tool box (if you cannot see the tool box, go to the menu and select "Tools"). Click on the white background that you want to remove and it will select all the white area within its range.

C) Open layer palette. Make a duplicate layer of images. This method is stored in the original background and we are working on a duplicated layer. Click on its Visibility icon to hide the background, select the "Background copy" layer and press Delete key (Windows Backspace). Now your image is not with any background.

set tools selection
Set Tools selection
masking selection
Select Background color

D) Click "Crate a new layer" from the bottom of the Layer palette and take a new layer and if you want from another source you want to use the image or paste the background image.

start clipping path
After Taken New Layer
complete clipping path
Changed Background

Complex Masking!
A) Open the file you want to work with. Make a duplicate layer of images. This method is stored in the original background and we are working on a duplicated layer. Hide the background by clicking its visibility icon.

B) Select Choose Color Range from the Menu. When the Color Format dialog opens, select the left Eye Dropper tool and click on the blue (blue) background color in the image window. You will see the selected color clock white in the dialog box.

color range selection

Color Range selection

Remove the Fijian Slider from the mostly black and you can get it as clear as background. Tip: To add a color to the selection, click the eyedropper tool plus sign and click on the image. Click OK.

C) Now you can see that the blue (background) color is selected around the photo around itself. Delete what (backspace in the window), but make sure the "Background copy" layer is selected, if we do something on the original level. After the changed background.

select blue background
select Blue Background
after delete background
After Delete Background

D) Open the background image that you want to keep behind this photo, select all (ctrl/cmd+A), copy (ctrl/cmd+C). Go to the file you were working with and paste (ctrl/cmd+V). Make sure that the new background image layer is under the masked layer.

masking done

Changed Background

Now you can see the photo as well as different backgrounds. For example, some other techniques may be applied to get the best results, with the Eraser Tool touching some parts of the background.

There are still some other super-complex images where masking should be applied in different ways. However, if you have so, do not forget to forget us to mask us, when we have very expert hand to deal with.

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