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image shading tutorial

Image Shading Tutorial!

We can create various types of Photoshop shadow such as drop shadow, reflection shadow, object photographic shadow etc.
Here's how to create Photoshop drop shadow!

A) Go to the Photoshop File menu and select Open file from the open dialog box that you want to work on.

B) First of all to remove the background you need to draw a path around the image. If you need help to draw the path then see the Clipping Path Tutorial.

C) Once you have finished the image outline, right click and click on "Make Selection" to select the path.

creating clipping path
Creating Clipping Path
make selection
Make Selection

Go to Edit menu, click "Copy >> Pause" or just click Ctrl + Win + CMD + Mac + "J" and you will get a new layer inside the Selection.

take layer 1

Take Layer1

D) Click on "Create a new layer" at the bottom of the layer palette and you will be given a new layer that you need to fill with a non-color (color code: - fff000). So fill it with white color and place it under "Layer 1".

take layer 2

Take Layer 2 fill up with yeallow color

E) Double click on "Layer 1" for the "Layer Style" dialogue box. Click the "Drop Shadow" in the left column and select the desired Opacity, Distance, Spread and Shed size Make sure the "Preview" box is checked so that you can get a live view of how you're going to see live shades.

set drop shadow setting

Set Drop Shadow setting

F) Once you're happy, click "Ok" to apply that style to the layer. Notice, you can return to this level style anytime you want to edit the films by double-clicking on the same level.

before retouching
Before Image
after retouching
After Image

The above tutorial helps you learn Photoshop Photo drop shadow creating.

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